Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gentle persuasion

Good management of funds or companies includes much planning with foresight and systems control (read discipline) to minimize risks and to avoid crisis. While others spent time to handle crisis, to restructure or consolidate, a well managed company keeps on growing from strength to strength even during a downturn of the trade cycle. Few people would notice, including colleagues or staff, the sublime actions of a highly skilled manager.

This entry serves as a reminder to kin and friends to take precautions since there will be more risks when a share market runs up too high within a short span of time. Just because there is ‘foreign’ capital from huge profits in 2006, does not mean that caution should be thrown to the wind when buying shares based on tips.

With reference to the entry on ‘A look back at the KLSE 2006’, you may note that there were a few huge falls following rapid rises during 2006. There are pitfalls even during Bull Runs and if investors are not prudent and selective enough, they can still lose loads of money, which is why fund managers always advised that while share prices can go up, they can also come down.

It was with good foresight that we steered clear of the falls before they happened. Following the Yi’s guidance, we had made good money in 2006. Since kin and friends are professional accountants or are involved in the finance and stock broking sectors, one is sure you can make good investment decisions and strike out on your own. It is high time to learn to stand on your own two feet. No more spoon feeding. There is no need to rely on me or the Zhouyi. One no longer wants to be held responsible for your investment decisions.

Over the years, this thankless task has become too tiring, and the fresh change would allow me to remain blameless.

Just be very careful of what shares you invest in, since the Yi has indicated recently that things may go awry for kinfolks. What with this prognostication. Hexagram 18 Gu / Work on what has been spoiled, with a moving second line that changed it to Hexagram 52 Gen / Keeping Still.

The Image in Gu says:
The wind blows low on the mountains: The image of decay. Thus the superior man stirs up the people and strengthens their spirit.

Nine in the second place means:
Setting right what has been spoiled by the mother, one must not be too persevering.

Commentary on the line:
This refers to mistakes that as a result of weakness have brought about decay. In setting things right in such a case, a gentle consideration is called for. In order not to wound, one should not attempt to proceed too drastically. [W/B]

Since kin and friends by following the Yi and I, have made much money last year, it is timely for them to strike out on their own to find their pot of gold while strengthening their own spirit. Hopefully with this gentle persuasion, one can at last be free with no cares and worries for you guys and to remain blameless.

Another indicated warning - about ‘dissolving blood’ for kin will be written in another entry.


Luis Andrade said...

Hi Allan,

Perhaps this is of interest to you. Mr. Li Heng-Lhi will be in KL soon.

This newspaper article is titled "Guidance from an expert". Don't know the person though.



Allan said...

Hi Luis!

I have read the hardcopy of the interview published in the Lifestyle section of The Star newspaper and may write my thoughts on Professor Li and other masters, later. Thanks for the link.