Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Change in future direction?

One used to read the Financial Times when preparing for the external professional accountancy examinations in London. That was how I managed to breeze through the financial and business management papers in the finals. Thereafter on occasions I read the Times Magazine especially during flights and had subscribed to the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER) for almost a decade in the eighties and nineties before the Wall Street Journal, the owners, decided to revamp the Review. FEER was no longer published a few years later. At times, I also read the Asian Wall Street Journal to keep abreast of the financial markets. Reading the right publications and books will certainly help in our learning process.

On a recent track back, one found that both the online Times Magazine and Wall Street Journal had provided a link to the blog entry on ‘The bull in China’. Wow! Thank you to the authors of the related articles for the link up. It certainly made my day!

Do the links from these two prestigious and widely read publications herald a future change to the direction of this blog? Not likely.

But one will rant again if more of the so called ‘ShenXian’ come out to issue unnecessary public warnings that adversely affect the global stock markets thereby hurting more investors than they had hoped to save.

This shows a reason why the Zhouyi and the ancients who knew much about human nature indicated that to remain blameless will be the highest good.

Links to the related articles in the Times Magazine and the Wall Street Journal:

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