Sunday, May 06, 2007

First the rebound

The KLCI hit a new high on Thursday and closed at a fresh record high of 1,363.40 on Friday, 4 May 2007. While most fund managers will be happy, many retailers only saw minor gains or losses on their recent investments. The previous related blog entry was a call for bargain hunting, and not to overtrade!

However retailers can look forward to better rewards once the overall market rebounds, probably by this week. It could also be possible that low liners would lead the market instead of blue chips. (A touch of Alan Greenspan speaks perhaps!) That of course would be great if more investors can make money from their investments.

I hope readers who follow the Yi chart can make good money from their investments in the KLSE because of the foreknowledge to buy or sell their stocks and shares at the right timing.

If they do make much money from shares trading in the KLSE by reading these entries, I would appreciate if they can donate a bit more to their favorite charities. Not only is it for the common good, donors could gain more merits by making a larger donation. If they do so, I may also gain some merits by writing these entries for free to enable KLSE investors make money from the market and who will then be able to donate more to charity. If this suggestion works, everyone wins.

Of course, likewise if readers appreciate what is written on the Ancients, the Yi, and Neidan in this blog, they can also make a donation to their favorite charity. The donations will help the poor and needy; obtain merits for you, and the slim likelihood that one has done something good for humanity.


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