Saturday, May 12, 2007

Deeper implications of Wu Wei

The manifestation of the spirit can be considered the pinnacle of an artist in any discipline (martial arts, painting etc). The Chinese call this manifestation of the spirit as ‘Chu Shen Jin Fa’ (Exit spirit, Enter magic), which depicts the purest form of Wu Wei.

For the students of neidan and Tao, in TTC 2 where Laozi mentioned ‘being’ and ‘non being’, he could have meant human and spirit respectively.

Therefore if the non being leads the being the artist manages affairs without doing anything. Since he or she needs to do nothing and everything gets done.

Only when the non being exits into emptiness is the being, enlightened.

When being is produced by non being, nirvana is reached – the enlightened becomes a Buddha or a heavenly immortal.

Therein lays the different steps of the art of Wu Wei for a neidan practitioner or Daoist dual cultivator.

Of course before the spirit can manifest, a student got to work very hard at it! That is an open secret, yet without exception, it applies to all students.

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