Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Happy Vesak Day to all Buddhist readers! Vesak Day happens to fall on May 1 this year.

One of the triple gem celebrations is that of Buddha’s enlightenment. The other two gems are that of his birth and his death.

While many Daoists and Buddhists especially in the East understand what the true meaning of enlightenment is, there will still be some who would give a differing view on the web or in forums.

Some believers or non believers may want you to believe that a realization of a thought or a koan during meditation gives rise to enlightenment! If enlightenment was that easy, many fellow travelers down the ages would have become Buddhas or Daoist immortals.

The published picture extracted from 'The Secret of the Golden Flower [W/B]' depicts the enlightenment of a neidan adept who had reached stage three of the meditation practice. Those who had seen movies and/or read books on Buddha’s life, practice and enlightenment may probably understand its meaning better.

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