Sunday, March 19, 2006

A bit of Zhuangzi and the Circulation of the Light, perhaps

Feeling bored; Earth cajoled Heaven thus: Filled with clouds, stars, planets and galaxies, you appear vast and distant yet remain empty.

Sounding a bit rattled, Heaven reproached Earth: Be broad and still. Go nurture the ten thousand things.

A voice booms across Heaven and Earth: Be quiet!

Breath, the life force, entering two darkened caves inadvertently steps into an abyss and lost its way. Not knowing how to precede Qi waited for his buddy, Light.

Winter solstice arrived before light turned up. Follow me says Light, contemplate and focus on the return via the Door of Life.

With light leading the way up, breath begins to flow backwards.
Upon reaching the prearranged place, they found Heaven and Earth waiting there patiently.

Ah, it has been a long while; did you happen to lose your way again?

The celestial forces continued: Right here resides forms and emptiness, the myriad things. No heads, no tails, the right person discerns what is false, what is real.

Breath protested: I see none too clearly in between the yin yang twilight especially on such a cloudy day. However after examining the phenomena for some time Light beamed: Ha, just like what the ancients indicated.

Seeming to reinforce that view Heaven and Earth added: We have waited here since the origin of time and will continue to help the good and virtuous in search of the Way. Sages, Buddhas and Immortals from time immemorial have sojourned or passed through here too.

The four then parted ways, on an eternal promise to meet again. Before completion they hope a mutual friend, Golden Flower will turn up in the next encounter.

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