Sunday, March 12, 2006

More news on the abortive Library Tower bombing

"Our Sunday Star newspaper reported today that five Malaysians were recruited by Al Qaeda for the job of hijacking an airliner to crash into a 73 storey building in Los Angeles. They were supposed to be Al Qaeda’s second wave of suicide fighters after the Sept 11, 2001 attacks in the US but the intelligence agencies were several steps ahead of them. The detailed report was pieced together by two reporters of the Star paper.

All five men were Moslems. Four of them had met up with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan around 2000/01. In Southeast Asia, Hambali an Indonesian, the key Al Qaeda man for the region was their contact person. The Indonesian terrorist has since been arrested by the CIA and detained in an unknown center. Soon the Al Qaeda set their eyes on the leader of the five for a big job. He was to head a team to crash a plane, which they would hijack into the 73 storey Library Tower/US Bank Tower, the tallest building in downtown Los Angeles.

No date was given for the mission but the plan was supposed to be the biggest after the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in New York. Terrorism experts have described the plan as the Second Wave to mean the follow up attacks by the various Al Qaeda suicide bombers worldwide after 9/11. Last month President Bush formally named one of the five as being picked for the attack. The named Malaysian had graduated from Western New College, Massachusetts as an electrical engineer. He was supposed to pilot the hijacked plane and crash it into the Library/US Bank tower.

In 2002 regional intelligence officers had stepped up their surveillance. The arrests of key Al Qaeda operatives shed more light on what the Malaysians had planned to do and they began watching closely the five Malaysians. Two of them sneaked back into Malaysia in 2002 and were immediately arrested. Upon interrogation the authorities learnt that they were involved in planning a second wave attack on the US. Swift action by the Malaysian intelligence officers prevented what would have been a similar incident to 9/11 according to sources. The intended pilot was arrested a few months later. Acting on the information, the Thai police picked up the remaining two of the five man team in Bangkok before arresting Hambali a couple of days later in June 2003."

The above newspaper report probably explained why the Omen on Another 9/11 did not unfold as expected in June 2003 but later. The vigilance of the authorities worldwide had effectively stopped and/or delayed the implementation of the terrorists’ plan(s). It has taken almost three years for me to learn about the truth. Although this is good news for all concerned, the Spanish and English authorities had lowered their vigilance which may have allowed the terrorists to bomb their trains and train stations in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

In case readers had not spotted the significance of the ‘within three weeks period of each incident', in the Feb 18 entry ‘To resolve lingering doubts', it had also unfolded with the two bombing incidents in London. The first successful bomb attack on the trains was on July 7 2005 followed by the failed bomb attack two weeks later on July 21 2005.

Any wonder then, why the ancients found the Book of Changes profound and studied it?

Without going out, they can know what would happen all under heaven. (TTC 47 perhaps) Heaven secrets can also be known since nothing is hidden from the Zhouyi. (The Great Treatise) All it needs is sincerity. (Doctrine of the Mean)

If readers still remain skeptical about the requirements of sincerity, just read the Jan 6 entry on ‘Will 2006 be a good or bad year for President Bush’ and look at what is happening to his current approval ratings in the US. Hopefully Mr Bush's ratings will not fall to that of former President Nixon (in the high twenties) shortly before he was forced out of office. And the Yi gave the oracle to Professor Sam Crane, not me. It shows that to the Yi, Sam is sincere too.

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