Friday, March 17, 2006

Heaven’s secrets

Perhaps Heaven’s secrets are more often mentioned by the Chinese because of our beliefs. What then can be considered Heaven’s secrets? These secrets are revealed by divinities through mediums or by Zhouyi divinations to those who are supposed to know. Since Heaven favors the good, and those sincere enough can also know through the Yi.

Within my limited knowledge, the secrets can be on what is happening or has happened to some Daoist deities or immortals in Heaven; unknown or unseen phenomena; forthcoming major disasters or crises on earth; epidemics that would affect specific areas of the country or parts of the world; and on the micro level, major illnesses such as cancer that can be cured through a concoction of simple herbs; divine intervention to extend lives; pronouncement of timing of deaths of loved ones ; advices and warnings not to do certain things or venture out of the house on a particular time or date.

Sometimes these Heaven’s secrets are revealed with reasons provided but in most cases the divinities will just advised or warned the disciples or devotees without any revelations. Take for instance some published news – A Hong Kong family who had planned to holiday in a Thai island resort went to pray in a Daoist temple and was told not to go on the trip. The family heeded the warning and did not fly to the Thai island as planned. Tsunami struck the particular island and swept many holidaymakers away. They would have been holidaying there when disaster struck had there been no prior divine warning.

One has heard of or knew about such Heaven’s secrets usually at the micro level. To know secrets at the other level, one had to ask the Zhouyi, since divinities often refused to disclose them when asked. Some of the micro level and other secrets have been entered in the blog since they relate to past events and for sharing insights. Others remain in private and cannot be published, especially those revealed to friends and relatives. To maintain their trust, my lips are sealed.

Therefore Heaven’s secrets remain secrets until they are revealed.


the Cloudwalking Owl said...

There is no end to arguments between scholars. The sufis have a saying that scholars have about as much knowledge of spiritual matters as a donkey does of the books it carries on its back.

There is a section in Zhuangzi where a person asks why it is that no one takes offense when an empty boat bumps into them on a lake----yet if it is under control of another person they get upset. Surely the fellow who gave offense is simply another "empty boat".

Allan said...

An empty boat has no intent while a manned boat has. After the ‘hidden’ intentions of the boatmen have been publicly announced, perhaps it is the right season to moor the boat, go ashore to practice charioting and archery (think Confucius), or beat the drum (think Zhuangzi), in order not to injure the spirit.

Thank you.