Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dragon appearing in the field

In Yi studies, Hexagram 1 Qian / The Creative is taken to represent the month of May, even though technically it crosses a few days into the month of June. Many good things can happen in the month of May and it could be partly due to the influence of this hexagram which represents Heaven.

Quite often over the years, the share markets will suddenly rise in May and then fall near the end of the month. While the falls can be easily explained, just ask the British! – They always sell in May and go away for their summer holidays. – The inexplicable sudden rises during the month will only be explained later by the research analysts from hindsight.

Although the blue chips and therefore the indices of my local share market has not moved much, the low liners and penny stocks have already started to move upwards. The retailers and punters are jumping into the band wagon. So did some foreign fund managers. Obviously the indices have not moved much since time is still traversing the first line of the Qian hexagram – Hidden dragon. Do not act.

But next week could be a different scenario. That belongs to the second line of Qian which says: Dragon appearing in the field. It furthers one to see the great man.

In line with the time sequence, the dragon appearing in the field, one expects the local share market to soar next week and continue to rise the following week. The world share markets may fly up too. Perhaps, the time is ripe to mount up towards Heaven until reaching the fifth line of Qian which says, ‘Dragon flying in the heavens’.

If we do not dispose of the shares to realize some gains before the top line of Qian is reached then perhaps the Arrogant dragon will have cause to repent. Hey, do not forget about the British fund managers selling! It is never wrong to take profits like them and go for a holiday too. Or you can stay home and watch World Cup soccer.

Whether one predicts the markets correctly, is this not a good reason for Yi students to learn about timing and what each monthly hexagram may depict to add to their knowledge?

P.S. The GT shares have continued to go up with volume. Apparently various fund managers have been buying the shares since last week. Today it has gone up 4.5 times from its lifetime low. One is still waiting for the fivefold increase as predicted earlier before realizing some gains. When that target price is reached, one will indicate the next level the GT shares may go up to. Meanwhile my friends and relatives who had followed the Yi and me earlier to buy the shares have taken some profits and/or riding on huge paper gains.

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