Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Time seems to fly when we have things to do. A year has gone by so quickly. This week, millions of people will be celebrating the birthdays of two old folks (Lao Ren Jia). One is an ancient about two thousand and five hundred years old and the other, by comparison, a much younger man. The ‘young’ man, a heavenly immortal, is younger than the ancient by one thousand and three hundred years, only.

Probably Buddhists around the world would once again be busy preparing to celebrate Buddha’s birthday tomorrow – May 12 - the full moon of the fourth month. My kids who have an affinity with Buddha are looking forward to visit and pray at the two Buddhist temples again. They do not have to attend school tomorrow which is a Friday since Vesak Day is a public holiday in my country.

Therefore I wish Buddha, a Happy Birthday and Buddhist readers, a happy Vesak Day.

The other birthday ‘boy’ is none other than the renowned Daoist immortal, Lu Dongbin. His birthday falls on the fourteen day of the fourth month, which is today – May 11. My Daoist friend and his fellow disciples will celebrate Lu’s birthday on Sunday, May 14th in their Quanzhen temple.

Lu Dongbin was born in 798 AD during the Tang Dynasty. Although he is 1,208 years old today (2006 less 798), he is younger than Buddha by about 1,300 years.

Therefore I wish the 'young one', Lu Dongbin a Happy Birthday too. To Daoist readers, who celebrate Lu’s birthday, enjoy yourself.

To all other readers, have a nice weekend!

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