Saturday, May 20, 2006


For years, I wander here and wander there
Trying to hold discussions with likeminded fellows
In forums and temples
On what one has learned
While there is lots of hot air
What I hear is just wind.

Across the net, fortunate are the few
To understand or know ancient thoughts
Ha, the real masters are hidden dragons!

Thus it takes forever to find a good teacher and friend.
Does this not explain why Yu Ching of old dropped everything?
Just to provide moral support to a friend.
And why till today, I still call the Zhouyi, my teacher.

Are the ancients’ thoughts really that profound?
Or are we not that intelligent?
To seek the Way, we try not to be smart
Since both Laozi and Kongfuzi said that sincerity, from the heart,
Is the highest virtue.

To understand the Yi, we need to be easy and simple
Just like Heaven and Earth
Try not to stay attached to meanings and words
Ponder; allow thoughts to naturally flow like the Qi and Tao
Spiritual awareness will provide the true answers.

Perhaps not many can be sincere and earnest
To truly understand what it takes, to
Study the Yi and/or follow the Way.

Therefore it would be ten times better to remain quiet
To wander among the mountains and the lakes
Cross the great rivers and the seas
Circulate the light
Together with the sun and the moon
Rest in stillness
Exit through emptiness
And return to space.

To understand what is being and non being
Reside in the Center
And attain the Way of Heaven.


Anonymous said...

Warm Greetings Allen,

Thank you for this post in that your words resonate thoughts that bring contentment.
When traveling along the path it's always encouraging to experience kindred spirits.
in peace,

Allan said...

Hi Gar,

You are always welcome to share some thoughts and learning.