Monday, May 01, 2006

Simple notes on Hexagram 24 Fu / Return

When relationships are estranged or split apart, a return can follow. Therefore in the sequence it is said that, Things cannot be destroyed once and for all. When what is above is completely split apart, it returns below.

After darkness have crept in through the first yin line in Hexagram 44 Gou (June – July) and dominated the next five months until Hexagram 2 Kun (Nov– Dec), Fu signifies the return of the light with the first yang line at the bottom in time for the winter solstice (Dec – Jan). A time of rest for the light to become stronger and thereafter moves upwards to Hexagram 19 Lin (Jan – Feb) that represents Spring.

The hexagram Fu comprise of the trigram Chen at the bottom and the Kun trigram at the top. From the Discussion of the Trigrams (Shou Gua), we know that the Chen trigram, the Arousing in the East, begins life.

The judgment says:
Return. Success. Going out and coming in without error. Friends come without blame. To and fro goes the way. On the seventh day comes return. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

The hexagram Return contains many meanings for cultivators and Yi students alike, perhaps many may have missed the intended messages contained in the Judgment.

For the Yi students, it is time to return to self knowledge, turning away from the confusion of external things to return to one’s inner light. When one is treading bypaths, it is time to return to the light and the Way.

For the neidan practitioners, Fu is the start of the Waxing and Waning of Qian and Kun – return of the inner light and the message of ‘To and fro goes the Way.’ Perhaps that is why Laozi said, ‘Return is the movement of Tao.’(Chapter 40)

‘On the seventh day comes return’ contains a special message for neidan adepts who have already traveled very far, after all ‘It furthers one to have somewhere to go’ and should know what it means. If not they will not be able to read this entry or too late to understand the meaning. Therefore they need no explaining to. For the rest, perhaps they do not need to know since knowing the meaning does not get them anywhere anyway.


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interesting, as it is " knowing the meaning does not get us anywhere.."