Saturday, July 01, 2006

Do not chase after the horse (6)

This week the horse has been quietly grazing in the stable and at times running around playfully in the meadow, perhaps building strength anew. A group of wild horses have been sighted around the meadow but they have yet to come near my horse. With a bit more confidence, they may make an approach next week and then incite the horse to make a run for freedom.

(Translation: It has been rather an unexciting week. The GT shares have been hovering around the closing price of last week. While there were accumulation and its daily trading volume has increased, its price has moved up ever so slightly. The prices of blue chips and other shares have been picking up in anticipation of the expected quarter point increase in the US lending rates by the FOMC. But so far the perk up has not been exciting. Next week could be good, as most obstacles (read uncertainties, World Cup soccer finals, and summer holidays) would have been cleared and investors – fund managers and retailers – may come back in full force to buy shares cheapen by the recent ‘panic’.)

At such times, one waits cheerfully for the expected outcome of the prognostication.

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