Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Magic of the Zhouyi and Tao

In the world, there are numerous Yi diviners and Daoists, but how many of them have ever soared in the Heavens, tasted fame and fortune, just like the dragons of old?

The Yi advises the masses to look up to the flying dragon in the Heavens. And wherever the dragon flies, the wind swiftly followed. It was just a matter of time – a day, a week or a few weeks, waiting for the magic of the Zhouyi and Tao to work.

In the Bull Run of 1993, with seed capital of twenty thousand, in less than a year, a flying dragon had churned it into millions. Whatever shares he had bought, in a matter of weeks without any known reasons, they would suddenly fly. Whenever he sold his share investments and went away for a holiday overseas, the market would plunge within a short spate of time. Talk about timing.

When ex-colleagues, friends and relatives, especially his father, started to notice the pattern, they quickly followed the dragon. Later, those who sought regular advice from Daoist gods and immortals through mediums also chose to track this dragon. (That gave him an opportunity to compare notes from the Yi Oracles with those from the ShenXian.)

Whenever he sold, they would do so, and whenever he started to buy, they would follow suit. If he ever sold out the shares to go for a holiday, they would dump their shares with no hesitation or question. Just like the wind, their eyes follow the dragon. He never seemed to put a foot wrong about the timing of the ups and downs of the market.

How did he know the timing of the share market? It was the Yi who told him, whispered those in the know.

The outsiders called him a fortune teller because he seemed to know how the market will perform each time and it never matter a bit to him. No explanations required. He just made his money and go for an overseas trip with his family and/or friends from time to time. In his absence, the market plunges and on his return, he bought back cheapen shares which within weeks would inexplicably rise.

That was how one dragon flew in the Heavens. There were other dragons that flew much higher than him in 1993. Those helped by the ShenXian (Daoist gods and immortals).

There was a special one who started with literally nothing in 1992 and within two years with help from the Xian (Daoist Immortals) managed to make a hundred over million. By the last quarter of 1993, the special dragon with a specific task to help Heaven and Tao held shares worth a few hundred millions and whose holdings were bigger than many a local investment fund.

Both the dragons, one guided by the ancient Yi, the other guided by a host of Xian, flew together in the Heavens that year in 1993, with compliments from the Zhouyi and the Tao.

It is real magic; when one overcomes both time and space to masters one’s fate. In that state, one has the leisure to cheerfully wait for Time to catch up and allow the magic to work.

With the entry, hopefully Yi students and Daoists may learn something about the mysterious workings of Heaven, the Yi and the Tao.

Perhaps readers will also come to understand why some Chinese who knows about these spiritual things, say they only know 1 or 2; while those who know little - knowledge acquired from their favorite books and/or mortals – claim to know much and thereafter discourse about the workings of Heaven, the Yi and the Tao in the forums. (Think TTC 1)

Since one only knows a touch, one continues to learn about the magic; the Magic of the Zhouyi and Tao.

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