Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Yi on President Bush

Over the past year, the Book of Changes has indicated several happenings to Professor Sam Crane on the US state of affairs, economy and the US Presidency. Each prognostication is entered in his Blog, ‘The Useless Tree’ under the Fridays I Ching. And one had on occasions interpreted some of them in my blog where Yi’s answers seemed more interesting and enlightening by connecting the lines.

As events unfold according to the Yi’s prognostications, things had become clearer. The issues on Iraq, New Orleans, the appointments of two US Supreme Court judges, Mr. Brown of FEMA, are water under the bridge so to speak, which leave some issues on the US Administration and the fate of the US Presidency (read Libby, Cheney, and Mr. Bush) still hanging in the air. Since the Court hearing of Libby and the possible ‘involvement’ of Cheney will be held in 2007, perhaps it may be appropriate to look at the position of President Bush.

Except for the September 11, 2001 despicable bombings of the Twin Towers by terrorists which took thousands of innocent lives, US citizens have lived relatively quiet and peaceful lives under the rule of President Bush. The US led invasion of Afghanistan under the auspices of the UN as a fight against terrorism that is to defeat the Taliban and hunt for Osama Bin Laden were widely accepted because such actions were humane and just. But the US and UK bilateral invasion of Iraq, much protested against by the world, was not.

President Bush’s often touted ‘fight against terrorism’ and ‘right of self defense’ will perhaps soon fall flat with the various actions he had taken in the US and in the world, if he does not soften his stance and become more humane and righteous.

The whole world and the UN have been condemning the atrocious and belligerent actions of Israel who attacks her neighbors with impunity, destroying thousands of homes, killing hundreds of innocents and terrorizing hundreds of thousands more. Yet the US President still insists that Israel has a right to self defense and is fighting terrorism.

No one ever deny Israel or any other nation for the matter, the right to self defense but is it humane and/or just to punish and terrorize innocents of another state who has the same wish like anyone in the world to live out their lives in peace? (Think Hegemony.)

Did Mr. Bush also accede to the instructions given by the Israeli High Command to its air force and one quotes from a newspaper: “Destroy ten buildings in Lebanon for every rocket, Hezbollah sends to Israel”?

What started the escalation? Oh, just two captured Israel soldiers. The world shall pay for all this indignation (think humanitarian aid, costs of rebuilding, security buffer of UN forces, innocent lives taken on both sides, etc) because Hezbollah captured two soldiers in the conflict. No? Just wait and see. The Israeli Defense Minister has already warned the world on CNN about attacking his people, the sons of Israel. Great announcement, Israel can now expect more fire power and funds flow from the US to fight as proxy against evil that exist in the Middle East. A defiant Israel has also announced yesterday that she will not agree to an immediate ceasefire called by the UN. With staunch US backing, Israel fears no one. (Think of doting parent and a prodigal child. The parent spares no expense even if it means more borrowings to oil the Great War machine.)

The world would probably agree that evil has nothing to do with religions. Ill-willed people, no matter what race or religion, who harm or injure innocents with intent, are evil.

The most atrocious and evil rulers in ancient China and before the Han, were Chou Hsin of Shang and the first emperor of Chin. These two rulers had harmed many innocents. Chou Hsin liked to torture and killed his ministers and people for kicks. The Chin emperor levied heavy taxes and conscripted a million people to extend and complete the Great Wall of China. Many of whom died from exhaustion, starvation and ill treatment. Scholars today still insist that the Chin Emperor united China, as if the Hsia, the Shang, and the Zhou never existed.

Now, what has these ramblings got to do with the Yi on President Bush? If we connect the lines with what the Yi has told Sam Crane about the US and President Bush, while thin, there could be some connections. If we recall, there were a Hexagram 36 Ming Yi / Darkening of the Light in relation to the proposed appointment of a female judge (Think cronyism); and Hexagram 3 Tun / Difficulty at the Beginning – President Bush’s annual hexagram for 2006?

By coincidence, Ming Yi depicts the evil actions of Chou Hsin against his ministers and the people and what they have to do to avoid harm. Chou Hsin was finally ousted by a Da Ren – Wu, the son of King Wen of Zhou. In my interpretation of Tun, President Bush could face unemployment in 2006 if he is not careful and does not change his course of actions. As one has explained before, a Da Ren (Great Man) can turn into a Xiao Ren (Mean Man) depending on his actions and real intentions.

It is difficult for Man to change fate, unless one changes his or her character for the better. But from his past and current actions both in the US and the world stage, President Bush, the most powerful man on Earth is fast becoming the most hated – if not in the world, at least in the Middle East.

The whole world including the UN still waits for US President Bush to decide on a Middle East ceasefire, or not.

The question now, amid the continued destruction of Lebanon, more bombings and killings of innocents (acceptable collateral damage?) by Israel with US supplied planes, missiles, bombs and arms; is who exacerbates terrorism and who is the real evil?

Is it Hezbollah, President Bush and/or his cronies in Israel?

The top line of Ming Yi says of Chou Hsin: Not light but darkness. First he climbed up to heaven, then he plunged into the depths of the earth. Connecting the lines, we can relate to Tun, the hexagram that occasionally depicts unemployment.

A bit far fetched? Maybe, but lets wait for the unfolding of events according to President Bush’s annual hexagram Tun for 2006, if any.

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