Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Notes on Hexagram 11 Tai / Peace

‘Tian Xia Tai Ping’ which means ‘Peace under Heaven’ or ‘Peace on Earth’ has been the common wish of rulers and the people down the ages. Who does not want to live their lives in peace?

When Heaven comes down to support Earth, which signifies peace, all living things bloom and prosper. Tai is the first month (February – March) of spring and where the Chinese celebrate their New Year or the beginning of the Spring Festival.

The Judgment: Peace. The small departs, the great approaches. Good fortune. Success.

When the ‘Xiao Ren’ departs and the ‘Da Ren’ approaches, there will be peace and blessings among all living things. There is an end to all feuds; which results in good fortune and success. The rumor and war mongers, the evil, and those who profit from feuds or war shied away perhaps out of guilt or shame* when the good and virtuous once again come into prominence. While there is no specific hexagram on war, the Book of Changes gives advice that states prepare for such an eventuality during peacetime by practicing chariots, training the Army and on how to handle Conflicts. Therein lay some wisdoms of the Yi.

Following the sequence of the sovereign hexagrams, Tai comes after Hexagram 19 Lin. In Hexagram Tai, the light has moved up pushed out and replaced the dark line in the third place. This light line together with two lower light lines forms the trigram, Heaven. Only three upper dark lines which represent the trigram, Earth, remain.

The third light line of Tai is subject to change since it now has to lead the lower light lines up another notch in the next sequence. Three more steps before the light reaches Qian, The Creative / Heaven.

In neidan practice, hexagram Tai stands midway between the shoulder blades and the kidneys. With the backward flow, the Qi and the light have moved up from the kidneys area. The flow upwards had been smooth and easy, and there is no blockage. Good fortune and success, says the Yi.

(* Refer to: 'The Yi on the expulsion of a Quanzhen immortal' entry on June 10 2005, if you have the time. The entry is also on Hexagram Tai.)

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