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Do not chase after your horse (8)

The case study of this Zhouyi consultation started in early June would come to a close shortly. Since the horse has bolted and is about to disappear from sight.

Therefore a summary of the findings and the events that followed may help increase a Yi student’s knowledge or awareness on what can be known from a divination, how to interpret the prognostication (the answer), and what action to take, if any and how to understand or pinpoint the unfolding of an Oracle.

The GT shares were chosen as an example because another consultation done on the same day for a different share was not exciting enough for a real live case study. The Zhouyi had answered the latter question with Hexagram 8 Bi / Holding Together and a resultant Hexagram 24 / Return. While that particular share's price has also risen, the returns were minimal compared to that of the GT shares.

No matter how rich we or our clients are, capital and resources are always limited; therefore a professional diviner need to exactly know what the Yi says to pick the best investment, on the assumption that there are other alternatives for selection. A wrong advice, move, or action can lead to forgoing a golden opportunity, a lockup of capital, or worst still, a disastrous result.

Therefore diviners need to ponder carefully on the prognostication(s) before giving any advice or to take any action (which includes non action) since an investment can involve a large sum of money (in terms of cash and/or loans).

Readers may recall that the question was put to the I Ching when the world share markets had started to fall heavily because of uncertainties – the magnitude and continuity of the US interest rate hikes, the absence of buyers because of the World Cup soccer and summer holidays, the sell down of Asian equities by foreign funds for anticipated redemptions back home.

As one has mentioned before, in times of uncertainty, it is best to consult the Book of Changes.

To my question of buying back the shares sold in May, the Yi had answered with Hexagram 38 Kui / Opposition, with a moving first line that changed it to Hexagram 64 Wei Ji / Before Completion.

Taking note of the hexagram’s name, um, does not sound too good. The moving first line may confirm it for the less experienced diviners, since the line says: Remorse disappears. If you lose your horse, do not run after it; it will come back of its own accord. When you see evil people, guard yourself against mistakes.

We may think thus: With ‘Opposition’, the name of the Hexagram, the Yi may be opposing the idea to buy back the shares? The moving line has indicated that we may lose our horse, if we do? Hey, there are also evil people around and we have to guard against mistakes. (The key words are highlighted in italics for a further discussion below.)

Instead of pondering deeper, diviners often decide to consult for another share investment or repeat the question to the Yi, perhaps hoping for a better or clearer answer. It usually happens to the not so experienced Yi diviners, sad to say, if we read the forums on a regular basis.

This results in a missed opportunity or a scolding by the Yi. (Think Hexagram 4 Meng / Youthful Folly for repetitions of the question.)

To test readers, one did not lay out the interpretation at the start of the case study and asked what readers would do in my place: to buy back; stay put; or to sell the remaining stockholdings.

To elicit circumspection, one highlighted the involvement of money, similar to those dealing with any form of investments. This would probably put Yi aficionados on notice that advice on investments is on a different plane – because it concerns money, theirs or their clients.

Therefore one suggests not to give advice on investments, if Yi diviners are not up to it, otherwise the investor(s) may get hurt.

The Judgment in Kui says : Opposition. In small matters, good fortune.

In the Judgment, the Yi did not oppose the intended buyback. It merely said that in small matters, there will be good fortune, while the name depicts the theme of the Hexagram. Be a contrarian, perhaps? (The name of the Hexagram gleaned from the cartoon Book of Changes bought for my children.)

A brave reader did put his neck out to agree to my activated buyback but suggested to limit the buyback to a small quantity. (It is okay, while stern, the blogger is not rabid.) This reader is correct but may have some room for improvement.

At the time of our discussion, my limited capital and resources restricted any further purchase of the shares. Yes, a week or so later, one bought back more shares, since in my book Hexagram Kui promises an above average return.

Together with the moving first line, the Yi had indicated that the shares would move up shortly.

The unfolding of the Oracle had turned out that way, when the horse bolted and ran away, this week. If we are certain of a good prognostication, and after having followed the Yi’s guidance, we then sit back and wait cheerfully for the Oracle to unfold – and allow Time to work its way.

What about the evil people?

The GT shares have moved up very fast compared to other stocks in the market. It smacks of manipulation, a reason for the caution not to chase after the horse (that is not to buy back at higher prices – and to let it run away) otherwise we may get caught for being greedy (that is to guard against mistakes). That was why one had to let the horse go and sold the GT shares.

North Korea for belligerently firing the test missiles and by promising to fire more could also be considered evil under the circumstances since such actions will surely affect the financial markets. North Korea knows this. So do the terrorists.

The above summary of events explains the unfolding of the first line of Kui, the prognostication.

For those more discerning and deep thinkers, the prognostication still has not fully run its course. However one will no longer post any prediction on how the GT shares will perform, when and where it will head to next, but will post an update long after the final unfolding of the Oracle to wrap up the case study.

The intended late update will effectively stop those with no scruples from knowing and reaping further benefits on what to do next. (Read Timing.) One will not allow anyone other than those in need to continue to gain an unfair advantage. This time, a client with huge winnings may have saved some money by paying a pittance for my recent efforts, but with no further advice from the Yi, one wonders who would lose out.

It is no longer about the money, but a matter of principle and to avoid being trampled on, one fine day. (Think about the ill treatment of the faithful and wise Chi Jan by Gou Jian of Yue.)

"One is not a ‘ShenXian’, how would I know when to buyback or what other good shares to buy in the market", will form my standard reply if asked, in future. "Go and ask the ShenXian (Daoist gods and immortals), perhaps they may give you a tip. Next!"

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